construction industry

pneumatic chipping - hammers
and pick - hammers
• with different tools



 pneumatic drifters

• with different tools
  (e.g. tapered- and threaded rods,
  drill bits, integral drill rods)


DTH- hammers
• different producers/types
• 2" up to 28" 






  with diverse tools
• drill bits
• drill tubes


hydraulic - hammers/drifters
• threaded drill rods
• threaded drill bits



• working tools for hydraulic breakers

hydraulic rotary cutters  

round shank bits
• with different shaft systems 

flat tooth

hydraulic drill feeds                                    

hydraulic - pulverizers


hydraulic - cutters

diamond - core drill units
• diamond-core drill bits

darda - splitters                                     
 pneumatic hoses  
pneumatic armatures                                 
 wear protection (tung studs)  
 diverse accessoires