In 1928 the Gotthard Knödlseder Company was founded as a hammer forge in Hauzenberg, near Passau. In 1948 the today's senior chef Herbert Knödlseder entried in the paternal company and deepended the always very cooperative liaison with the located building companies and the surrounding granitic quarries.


Since the mid-50s opened up Herbert Knödlseder further business areas in the East Bavarian and Upper Austrian natural stone industry. These activities of expansion were supported by the acquisition of the distribution center of Widia-Tools of the Krupp Company, Essen, 1962 for East Bavaria and Austria and since 1964 the distribution of pneumatic tools of the Krupp Company. The sale and rental of mobile and stationary compressors of Demag-Pokorny completed the field of business.

In 1977 the third generation entried in the company with Gotthard Knödlseder. He focused on Austrian companies in special foundation drilling, tunneling and well drilling and promoted continue to consistently the expansion of the company.

In 1987 the company moved into the new place of business in Hauzenberg/ Jahrdorf.

Today the Gotthard Knödlseder Company serves many satisfied customers in Central Europe, especially in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Switzerland.